Welcome to the Royal Tank Museum’s Film Rental Division (FRD).



The Royal Tank Museum in Amman-Jordan is being developed to become one of the largest and most impressive military museums in the world, with one of the largest international collection of armored military vehicles to be found anywhere.

Established in 2015, the Film Rental Division (FRD) is the outcome of the demands to supply filming weaponry to the expanding international movie production inside Jordan and outside. With years of experience in films like “The Hurt Locker”, Zero Dark Thirty” and “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen”, the FRD props are worthy of your consideration. We are familiar with the best international studios through Jordan’s Royal Film Commission and other independent location managers.

The FRD collects and rents hundreds of military items from heavy weaponry such as tanks and armored carriers to smaller field equipment like tents and binoculars.   Everything you need to make your production complete, authentic, and on budget!  Whether it is a rare 1915 Rolls Royce armored car, a medium gauge field canon, or army uniforms of different eras, our FRD may have it!  The FRD also supplies civilian vehicles of all years.

Please browse through our site and let us know of any items of interest.  And remember, if you don’t find it here, please inquire.  We might have it in our museum, or make special arrangements to supply it.

FRD Mission

The Film Rental Division (FRD) of the Royal Tank Museum is the result of local and international demands to supply modern and vintage military vehicles & materiel to the local and international movie production companies.

Our Props

  1. Cars and Motorcycles (Civilian and Military)
  2. Heavy Tanks and Armored Vehicles
  3. Military Trucks and Supply Vehicles
  4. Field Canons and Guns
  5. Hand-held Weapons
  6. Ammunition
  7. Radios and Field Equipment
  8. Tents and Furniture
  9. Army Uniforms
  10. Other Miscellaneous Items